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A Side-Street Plaza

Key Challenges:
• The client owned an attractive shopping plaza with a public court area a short distance off the main street .  
• The town guidelines would not allow for signage for specific businesses to be located off site.
• The town had basic streetscape guidelines.
• The main street was a state road, so a solution would require coordination between the town, state and client.

Original Situation

Fig 1. Original Situation. (Click to open a larger image in another window.)

• The recommended street lamp pole reflects the existing streetscape lighting. 

• Attached custom signage invites the public to additional parking and public plaza and fits within town guidelines.

• Expanding the corner with approved brick created a unique space that allowed pedestrians to look down the side street while slowing turning traffic.  

• A large pot that can be changed seasonally by the plaza owner further attracts attention to the new signage while providing the main street with additional color.

• Working with the state to update the handicapped-accessible ramp provided additional motivation for the town.

Final client-accepted proposal

Fig 2. Final client-accepted proposal. (Click to open a larger image in another window.)

Final Installed Look

Fig 3. The final installed look. (Click to open a larger image in another window.)

The new lamppost and planted container successfully provided attractive visibility to the signage.  The town also gained updated accessible ramps at both sides of the street crossing. The east side of the crossing was designed and built flush with the road to account for the turning radii of emergency vehicles, while maintaining the visual traffic calming effect of a narrowing street entrance. The final sign fits with the character of the street and town.

Click here to download Ms Yaeger's portfolio for this project [PDF]

Click here to download Ms Yaeger's entire portfolio[PDF]


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